Twenty-one Kentucky teachers named to Innovative Teacher Leader Cohort

Frankfort, KY – The Fund for Transforming Education in Kentucky has named twenty-one teachers to its new Innovative Teacher Leader Cohort. More than fifty applications were carefully reviewed by a selection committee. Twenty-one were ultimately chosen for their leadership ability in fostering a collaborative culture, promoting professional learning, and publicizing teaching and learning.

The group – whose main goal will be to promote teacher leadership across the Commonwealth – will first identify what it means to be a teacher leader, which for teachers sometimes means leading in informal ways while remaining in the classroom. They will also take into account the national standards for teacher leadership and research that may or may not support those standards.

The Fund’s Executive Director, Barbara Bellissimo believes this group will bring necessary cohesion and publicity to the work already happening around the idea of teacher leadership.

“I think there is an excellent opportunity here for this Innovative Teacher Leader Cohort to be a strong voice for the teacher leadership work that is happening across the state and to coordinate the efforts of various teacher leadership networks that are already in existence,” said Bellissimo. “It’s a tall order, but I’m confident we’ve chosen an outstanding group of educators to lead this effort.”

The group will hold quarterly in-person meetings at different locations across the state, the first being in Somerset this month.

Innovative Teacher Leader Cohort

Travis Marcum – Clark County Public Schools
Christopher McCurry – Fayette County Public Schools
Jan Horn – Clark County Public Schools
Marshall Murphy – Woodford County Public Schools
Jeff Sorce – Owensboro Public Schools
Angela Gunter – Daviess County Public Schools
Pennye Rogers – Todd County Schools
Angie Keaton – Magoffin County Schools
Emmanuel Anama – Harlan County Public Schools
Amanda Klare – Beechwood Independent School District
Tiffany Engels – Erlanger-Elsmere Independent School District
Taylor Clements – Jefferson County Public Schools
Ashley Lamb-Sinclair – Oldham County Schools
Azra Terzich – Jefferson County Public Schools
Abby Terranova – Jefferson County Public Schools
Khara Lewis – Madison County School District
Elizabeth Lovett – Knox County Public Schools
Joanna Stevens – Lincoln County Schools
Leah Turner – Wayne County Schools
Joseph Harris – Lawrence County Schools
Leslie Meeler-Bartow – Henderson County Schools 

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  1. I have just seen this news release and would like to have additional information about the Teacher Leader project. I coordinate a M.Ed. Teacher Leadership program at the University of Louisville in the College of Education and Human Development. Thank you.

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