Transform Education Kentucky Launches AdaptED Futures

AdaptED Futures is a new vision for the future of learning. Our current education system is based on an antiquated definition of what it means to be ready for postsecondary life. AdaptED Futures will support schools and districts through a true transformation of the education system that moves beyond the catch phrases of “personalized learning”, “competency-based education”, and “future readiness” to a learning system focused on skill and disposition acquisition with primary emphasis on adaptability, creative problem solving and self-advocacy. The world is changing at such a rapid pace. Our education system doesn’t have time to build new pathways, modify curriculums, and close achievement gaps based on standardized tests. We must create truly learner-centered educational opportunities for ALL students without regard to time, space or uniformity of outcomes. We must ready every student for the multitude of different career experiences they will face in an adaptive world that is changing daily.

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