Transform Education Kentucky Announces Major Commitment to Interapt Skills for High School Program

Successful entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist Brook Smith invests his resources in bridging the gap between innovators, technology, and the nonprofit sector.

LOUISVILLE, KY December 1, 2017‑‑Transform Education Kentucky (TEK) today announced a major commitment to their Interapt Skills for High School Program from Brook T. Smith‑‑a successful entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist from Louisville.

TEK partnered with Interapt‑‑an innovation and software development  irm‑‑to launch a training program that will teach high school seniors iOS and Android coding skills that will set them on a path for a career in technology. Interapt Skills for High School is a unique project, bringing together innovators from high technology, philanthropy, and the nonprofit sector. Brook Smith sees a unique opportunity to address multiple challenges in one project.

“Louisville companies cannot find enough qualified tech workers to fill hundreds of open positions,” Smith said. “And four‑year college may not be the best option for many high school seniors. I see Interapt Skills for High School as a great way to engage students and provide highly‑qualified staff for in‑demand positions right here in Louisville. I’m proud to be an early investor.”

Barbara Bellissimo, CEO of Transform Education Kentucky said, “Nonprofit organizations have the expertise to be great partners, yet lack the resources to execute quickly and effectively. Brook recognizes this, and is willing to support our ground‑breaking work in its formative stages. His experience as a successful entrepreneur and private sector investor gives Brook a unique ability to recognize and develop game‑changing projects. He invests financial resources as well as his own time and expertise, so that projects do not lose their innovative edge.”

Smith has committed a donation of $500,000 to support the first cohort of Interapt Skills for High School, which launches January 8, 2018. He will also invest his own time and expertise with TEK and Interapt to recruit additional support and ensure the success of the program.

“As you can imagine, my wife, Pam (a former teacher), and I have had many conversations about investing in the Interapt Skills for High School program given the magnitude of this commitment,” added Smith. “Our hope is that businesses across Louisville and the Commonwealth will take note, step up, and hire these soon‑to‑be highly qualified young men and women.”

To learn more about Interapt Skills for High School, visit .


About Brook T. Smith

After graduating from Clemson University, Brook T. Smith has spent the last twenty‑five years as a proven expert in the surety‑bonding sector. His company, Smith‑Manus, has gained its success by providing bonds on behalf of hundreds of companies across numerous industries throughout the United States and Canada.

As an impassioned, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, Brook dedicates his time to supporting social enterprise entrepreneurs and nonprofits as they apply commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human sustainability and environmental wellbeing.

Brook is also a devoted supporter of his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky and actively participates in multiple organizations. He has served on the board of directors of The Speed Art Museum, Locust Grove Historic Home, and the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.


About Transform Education Kentucky

Transform Education Kentucky transforms education by identifying and piloting innovations. They do this by: connecting innovators and capital and evaluating ROI; providing support to scale innovations; and creating opportunities for collaboration and learning among stakeholders. Find out more at .

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