School on FIRE (Framework of Innovation for Re-inventing Education) was developed and adopted by Eminence Independent Schools in 2011. Since that time, the district has dramatically improved student performance, engagement, and outcomes. School on FIRE is based on the six critical attributes of transformed systems, as defined by the Council of Chief State School Officers. In five short years, elementary reading proficiency has increased 41% and math proficiency has increased 88%. Eminence became the first district in Kentucky to graduate 100% of its students college and career ready, and the only district to do it in consecutive years. As news spread of School on FIRE’s success, several other districts have requested assistance in implementing a similar model.

As you might expect, the educator/innovators at Eminence would rather stay in their classrooms. So, Transform Education Kentucky stepped in to help refine the model and develop an implementation plan for new districts. TEK will manage the implementation at new districts, with support from Eminence for professional development and curriculum.

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