What is an Education Foundation?

Funding and resources for public education in Kentucky have decreased over the past decade. In many communities, public education foundations have been formed to find ways to pick up the slack. Typically, these entities are founded by concerned community members to raise additional funds for supplies, staff, programs, and/or scholarships. In most cases, their work is driven by short-term requests from local superintendents, principals, or teachers. There is no regional collaboration—like there is among superintendents through regional co-ops—and little to no coordinated opportunities for networking or sharing of best practices.

Local education foundations can also play a significant role in fostering innovation, and recruiting resources to pilot and scale innovative tools and practices.

Since TEK has a statewide focus, a focus on innovation, and a particular expertise in convening and facilitating, we have a unique opportunity to create an association where education foundations can network, learn from each other, and collaborate—all in service of providing each student in Kentucky with an outstanding educational experience.

What is the Kentucky Association of Education Foundations?

The Kentucky Association of Education Foundations (KYAEF) will serve as a resource to education foundations across the Commonwealth and as a catalyst to increase community involvement and investment in Kentucky’s schools. KYAEF will be created as a program of TEK, under the guidance of a Board of Advisors. The Board of Advisors will be made up of executive directors and/or board chairs of up to ten local education foundations. KYAEF is a member of the National School Foundation Association (NSFA: http://www.schoolfoundations.org), which gives us the opportunity to share learning and best practices with a  wider network of education associations from across the country. Our participation also allows us to share NSFA webinars and professional development with KYAEF members.

KYAEF members will have access to:

  • One regional meeting per year (regions will align to current co-op regions)
  • One annual conference per year
  • Discounts at TEK’s annual Innovate:Education summit
  • At least four webinars per year
  • Online resources:
    • How to Start an Education Foundation
    • Forum for discussion, Q&A, and collaboration

KYAEF membership fees will be based on most recent year’s revenue, as follows:

  • $149 per year ($0-$50,000 in revenue)
  • $249 per year ($50,001- $100,000 in revenue)
  • $349 per year (over $100,000 in revenue)

We will also offer individual and corporate memberships:

  • Individual membership: $99 per year
    • For consultants and other interested individuals
  • Corporate membership: $399 per year
    • For corporations who are not education foundations

Finally, KYAEF may create a grants program to fund teacher professional development, piloting of innovative tools and practices, and/or capacity building at local education foundations.

Join KYAEF today.