Leading education experts agree that one of the most important components to a students’ success in and beyond the classroom, is his/her teacher. The U.S. has some of the most dedicated and well-trained teachers in the world, but even the most prepared teacher will tell you that we can do more to support their work and their profession. The U.S. Department of Education along with its many partner organizations (The Council of Chief State School Officers, The National Education Association, etc.) recently created a plan to “Transform the Teaching Profession” in a way that would ultimately improve student learning and educational equity. The plan outlined everything from a need for “teacher leadership” within the profession and competitive compensation to increased community support. Unsurprisingly the movement has gained national attention, and The Fund became involved in the work on the ground level. Along with our partners, we believed┬áthat Kentucky could become the model for professionalizing teaching – and it has. Through several initiatives, we have engaged Kentucky teachers to design, execute and continuously improve policies, practice and the profession so that students reach their maximum potential.

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