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Transform Education Kentucky is looking for you – an educator, a parent, a community member – to join us for a year of transformation through micro-innovations. Micro-innovations are small creative shifts in education that can lead to big change for our students. Everyone, regardless of their role, has the ability to develop creative solutions that lead to real progress in our education system.

Join us in our year-long effort to galvanize schools, businesses, parents, community leaders, philanthropists, and other stakeholders around this powerful movement to quickly and effectively transform Kentucky’s public schools.

There are two ways you can join:

1. Host a screening of Most Likely to Succeed in your community.

We believe that the film will provoke powerful discussions that can spark major change in our school system. Host a screening and start the conversations that will transform education for students in your community.

2. Participate in our call for micro-innovations.

We will be using the platform BaseCamp3 to facilitate and support you throughout this year-long process of micro-innovations in schools. We will help you brainstorm ideas and focus on small, incremental changes you can make to impact students. We will check in and update you monthly to ensure your efforts are successful and connect you with community groups, business and education organizations to help you in your process. Individuals and groups are invited to jump in!

Use this form to help us get you all the information you need to join us!